Hats are one of the 4 parts featured in Platform Racing 2 and are used to change the look of your character.

There are a total of 13 hats in PR2 and all serve different purposes, some being more useful than others and changing the elements of gameplay.

Hat SummaryEdit

Below is a summary of the current hats in PR2.

Hat Name: Ability it gives when worn: Obtained by: Date added: Image:
EXP Hat Gives x2 the EXP you earn overall in a race. Randomly in a race. If it is on a campaign/certain level it has to be 2-3 players, if it is on another level excluding the campaign/certain levels, then it has to be 2-4 players. TBA
Kongregate Hat Gives x1.25 the experience you earn overall in a race. Logging into PR2 on Kongregate. TBA
Propeller Hat When the ↑ button is pressed/held, the player will be able to glide. Completing Hat Factory by Jiggmin or Volcanic Inferno by FinalCheetah. TBA
Crown Hat The player is invincible to mines, lazer guns and swords, but not lightning. Achieving 5,000 Folding@Home points. TBA
Cowboy Hat The player can fly or "swim" in the air anywhere around the map. Achieving 100,000 Folding@Home points. TBA
Santa Hat When any block is stepped on by the player, the block is temporarily turned to an ice block. Logging in on Christmas Day or randomly in a race like the EXP hat. TBA
Party Hat Gives the player immunity to lightning. Logging in on New Years Eve or New Years Day or randomly in a race like the EXP hat.


Top Hat Allows the player to run through vanish blocks and when the ↑ button is pressed in vanish blocks the player will fly upwards. Defeating The Golden Compass by -Shadowfax- TBA
Jumpstart Hat Gives the player a 3 secpnd head start at the beginning of a race. When picked up the player is given a small speed burst.

OId method: Logging in when Team Jiggmin entered the top 100 F@H teams.

New method: Winning a race randomly in Happy Hour against 2-4 players, much like the EXP hat.

Moon Hat Gives the player LUX when winning a race. LUX is for Jiggmin's game Luna, it currently servers no purpose. Completing Redemption by Cooldude90. TBA
Thief Hat When picked up the player will swap their hat with another player's hat. Completing Apocalypse by Divinity. TBA
Jiggmin Hat Gives the player the ability to bounce on other players, giving a small jump boost and squashing the other player(s).

Playing Buto (EXACT) by ZePHiR

Wait until 0:42 and the hat will fall through a gap, quickly catch it and finish the race.

Artifact Hat The player will have an unlimited Speed Burst unless they get another item. The keys are also reversed.

Completing all 72 levels of Goliathe's Tourney Tour hosted by Tintin after TRUC/Princess Luna handed it over to him.



  • The Jiggmin hat is a player-suggested hat; the suggestion being made by Tommy 8 on the 15th of December 2012, later being added on the 5th of February 2013.
  • The Jiggmin hat is usually referred to as the Jigg Hat by players.
  • The Propeller hat, Thief hat and Moon hat are only obtainable when you are Rank 15 or higher.
  • The Crown hat is only stealable in Deathmatches, it only gives an extra life when worn.

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